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Big Head Football Unblocked

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Big Head Football is one of those games that are popular among people who love football and among those who hates it, among grown-ups and small kids. The unique gameplay which is based on physics make this game very addictive and very interesting. Big Head Football Championship is a game where you must choose a team from the English Premier League and enter the championship to win the main prize. You will have to play 40 games with all teams, your main mission is to climb to the top of the table and finish 1st.

During the game you will be given money for each goal - use them to upgrade your skills. You can upgrade your jumping skills, speed, kick etc. Remember that some of the perks that you can upgrade are locked at the beginning of the game. You must get the 1st place to unlock them.

Another thing that you should keep an eye on are in-game perks. You might notices some icons on the board during match - some of them are useful while others are useless. Kick ball towards them to activate. Every match in the Big Head Football Unblocked game has limits - you have 1 minute to score goals and win the match. If you win you get 3 points, if draw - 1 point, if lose - 0.

Hope that you will enjoy playing the Big Head Football Unblocked at our website. Try to win the championship and unlock all trophies and achievements.